About us

Goldie Paris is a fine 14k & 18K Gold & Ethical Diamonds jewelry brand founded in 2022 by Julie Benhammo.

Julie Benhammo

Julie is a Parisian- New Yorker that has spent nearly two decades in the Luxury Industry working for top renowned brands. She is a busy working mom of (soon to be) two boys, a best friend, a sister, a wife, a daughter, a globe trotter, an iced coffee addict, and a croissant aficionado. 

After experiencing firsthand how short life can be, she made it her mission to empower people to chase their dreams, to encourage them to be unapologetically themselves and to inspire them to celebrate the little things in life... And that's what Goldie Paris stands for.

It's timeless collections in 14k &18k Gold and ethical lab-grown diamonds made with love that you can wear every day in your real life, it's items that help you celebrate real-life moments that you never want to forget. *You can read more about our products in our promise.

"I built a fine jewelry brand for real people living real life.

I wanted to create a brand that empowers you to celebrate every moment in life, whether big or small. Moments that genuinely, really matter. No matter if they are perfect or not.

A brand that truly represents us, not an unachievable version of ourselves pictured on social media. A brand that fits our perfectly imperfect lives, that you can wear every day, at the supermarket, at work, in the subway, at the playground, at the airport, and that you never have to take off. A brand you don't even need an excuse to buy from, and that's easy to gift. A brand that is easy to wear, style, and gift and can last forever.

So here, for the ones you love or for you. For the struggles that you successfully overcame, for the ones that made you stronger, for the ones that taught you a lesson, for the life-changing events you didn't expect, for the memories you want to keep forever, for the people you never want to forget, for things you want to celebrate, for the times you need to remind you of your strength, or to remind them of your love. We are here for these🫶

Life is worth living when it's messy, busy and full of surprises, challenges, and moments we never want to forget. And life is too short to have it any other way. 

I hope you will like our collections as much as I enjoy creating them for you. Thank you for being on this journey with me, with us"

Much love,